How Kidney C.O.P.® Works

How Does Kidney C.O.P.® Protect Against Calcium Oxalate Crystals?

Scientists have studied the ingredients in Kidney C.O.P.® and suggest they work by:

  • Calcium oxalate solubility – Citrate binding with calcium to form urine soluble molecules and producing fewer non soluble calcium oxalate crystals**
  • Raising urine citrate allowing for a higher saturation limit reducing the ability for calcium oxalate crystals to grow (which leads to crystallization in the kidneys)**
  • Raising urine pH increases calcium oxalate solubility which inhibits the crystallization of calcium oxalate in the kidney**
  • Providing diuretic properties that can assist in the flushing of the kidneys and the dissolution of calcium oxalate**
  • Preventing absorption of calcium through intestines resulting in less calcium crystallizing in the kidney**
  • Using delayed release vegetarian capsule to avoid dissolving in the stomach**